Activation center settings

Standard licensing model requires specific activation center Program settings.

- Application signature should be set to application signature value as set in PC Guard's application info project settings.

Activation must be enabled. Remote protection requires activation.

PC Guard version should be set to appropriate version of PC Guard (6 or 5) that was used for protection. 

Program ID (PC Guard) value is program id value as set in PC Guard's general remote protection settings.

- Compatibility mode should be enabled when PC Guard version is set to 6 (latest version) and you want to allow activation for some old applications protected with same project but with old version (5) of PC Guard.

- Merged Site/MID codes option should be enabled for programs protected with "Merge Site/MID codes into single code" option.

- Flexible locking should be enabled and flexible locking policy should be set as required.

PC Guard project settings

License removal feature should be enabled.

Removal code is required for license removal and license transfer feature (moving license from one license to another) in ACEN.

License transfer feature should be disabled.

If license transfer is enabled end user will be able to transfer licenses without using ACEN. This would also make license reactivation feature in ACEN useless in case license is lost on new computer as there is no history of such license and ACEN will not be able to compare previous and new locking parameters.

If limited license feature is enabled both standard license validity period (mandatory) and fixed date limitations should be enabled in remote protection settings.

Limited license feature

Limited license feature is optional. Available limitations are default license validity period (in days) , fixed date limitation (start date - end date) and day of the month limitation.

By default, there is no direct link between protected application and ACEN as live connection is not required for activation in standard licensing. Because of this, license tracking is done in both ACEN and protected application.

For example, activation code can be generated in ACEN today but application can be activated with generated activation code tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

End user should be aware of this. License tracking in ACEN will start as soon as activation code is generated regardless of the actual activation of protected application on remote computer.

If license extension is enabled in project settings end user will not be able to gain extra time by trying to generate license extension activation code in ACEN  (with new site/mid codes) and using license extension feature. Such activation code will still hold proper license validity period and fixed date expiration values.

New limited license

Both administrators and clients can add new limited licenses.

License validity period for new limited licenses is based on limited license settings in ACEN Program data. New limited license can be added only if current date is inside fixed date limitation period.

Limited license removal

Only administrators can remove limited licenses in ACEN.

Clients can not remove limited licenses with valid removal code for security reasons. If this was possible they would be able to add new license later with default license expiration period and thus extend license. Client can only reactivate or transfer (with valid removal code) limited license. In both cases new activation code will hold appropriate limited license validity period from original license.

Limited license reactivation and transfer

If not expired, limited license can be reactivated on original computer in the same way as standard license. If expired, limited license can not be reactivated nor transferred to another computer. Valid removal code is required for license transfer to another computer.

License can be reactivated on original computer without valid removal code after machine locking checks are done.

Limited license extension

Only administrator can extend limited licenses (generate license extension activation codes for limited licenses) in activation panel.