ACEN supports programs protected with PLAIN or REMOTE protection with serial number feature enabled.

Enabling serial numbers feature

Serial numbers settings are stored in Program data.

 Serial numbers checkbox should be selected.

- 'Application signature' and  'Seed value' should be set as set in PC Guard's project settings.

- 'Algorithm version' should be set to 1 (default).

- Set first and last valid serial number ID. By default, all serial number ID's are valid (1-65535).

- Set 'Clients can create accounts and add new orders with valid serial numbers' option if you want to allow end users to create new accounts and add new orders with valid serial numbers. (see below)

Once this is done, each new Order for this program will require valid serial number.

order details

Each order for program with enabled serial numbers feature will require different valid serial number.

Order data can not be saved unless valid serial number is provided.

If serial number is already present in database warning message will be displayed together with information about client (order) using serial number.

Default order features can be set accordingly to features stored in serial number by clicking on feature button button.

Let your clients create their accounts with valid serial numbers

Clients can create new accounts for programs with enabled serial numbers feature and 'Clients can create accounts and add new orders with valid serials' option set.

'Click here to create new account.' hyperlink will be available on login page in case there is at least one program in ACEN with above option enabled.

You need to distribute valid serial number together with protected application to end user.

login page

New user should click on this link to create new account with his serial number.

client new account panel

Required information
Field Description
Program - All programs with 'Clients can create accounts with valid serial numbers' option enabled will be available in list box control.
Serial number - Valid serial number for selected program.
Username - Client's username. If username already exist client will be notified with appropriate message.
Password - Login password. Should be entered twice for validation purposes.
First name - First name
Last name - Last name
Registration name - Client can not change this information once the account is created.
Address - Address
City - City
Country - Country
Phone number - Phone number
Email address - Primary email address
Verification number - This is to prevent brute force attacks on this page
Optional information
Company - Company name
State - State
Fax number - Fax number
Email address 2 - Secondary email address

Client should set all required information including verification number before clicking on 'Create account' button.

- In case invalid serial number is entered application will pause for 5 seconds.

- After each invalid serial number delay (pause) time will be increased for additional 5 seconds.

- If provided serial number for this program is already in use by another client appropriate warning message will be displayed.

- Blacklisted serial number will be reported as invalid.

If provided serial number is valid:

- new client account will be created.

- new order will be added to client account with default program data and provided serial number.

- client will be notified with appropriate message box.

- client can now login with his account username/password.