Monday, December 11, 2017 - 13:50

New PC Guard V6 service build has been released. This update is highly recommended for all PC Guard V6 users!

What's new:

[+] Custom features and custom counters added to server configuration file.

It is now possible to pass custom features and custom counters to applications protected with network protection method by using server configuration file.

Embed custom features and embed custom counters options added to server configuration file settings.

Custom features to be embedded into configuration file can be edited directly from server configuration file panel.

Server configuration file can now hold the following information:

- General network protection settings
- Custom user information
- IP filters
- Custom features
- Custom counters (10)
- Validity period (of configuration file)


- Server configuration file version has been increased to 5.

- Server configuration file report will now include information about stored custom features and custom counters.

- Old protected applications will not be able to handle latest server configuration files.

- Applications protected with this version will be able to handle old (ver. 3 and ver. 4) configuration files.

- User information & custom features can be edited directly from server configuration file panel. If these dialogs are not opened from server configuration file panel PC Guard will use default user information/custom features as set in project settings and store them into configuration file.

[!] Few other minor bug fixes and improvements.