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Looking for secure, reliable, compatible, affordable, and easy to use software protection system? No need to search any further! With 20 years of experience in the field of software protection, licensing and activation we are currently providing the most secure software copy protection and licensing solutions for your valuable software assets for all Microsoft operating systems, from Dos to latest 32bit and 64bit Windows and Microsoft .NET framework (.NET).

Our products are offering easy and hassle free software copy protection for your applications. By default, no source code changes or programming experience is required to accomplish professional software copy protection of your programs. Our products can by used by anyone, from absolute beginners to professional software developers. However, experienced programmers can take the advantage of advanced features such as protection interface and run-time encryption system.

All PC Guard family products are royalty free! With only a single copy of PC Guard  you can protect unlimited number of your applications with no additional investments. No additional hardware (dongles) is required for proper execution of protected programs. There are no limitations related to number of different programs nor number of distributed programs. Our software protection system is based only on complex software copy protection techniques and hardware details.

Customers in more than 80 countries are currently using our highly awarded software copy protection and activation tools: IBM, Sony, Google, HP, 3COM, NEC, BP, Agfa, Siemens, Alcatel, Fujitsu, Maxtor, NDS, Barclays, Tesco, Caterpillar, General Electric, Philips, Bosch, Genesis, DuPont, MWH, Holcim, PCTel, Cummins, Sagem, Pfeiffer, Honeywell, Tadiran Communications, TATA Motors, ARA Inc. and Konica Minolta are just some of them. Please contact us for reference list and testimonials.
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- Advanced software copy protection.
Protect software from illegal copying from one computer to another.

- Simple and effective protection procedure.
No need for additional programming. Source code editing is not required.

- Application encryption.
Protect software from reverse engineering and analyzing.

- 4 protection methods (REMOTE, NETWORK, USB, PLAIN)
Choose protection method accordingly to your specific needs.

- Application password protection.
Protect access to application with password.

- Evaluation (trial) version feature.
Easily create demo version of software with execution, date, fixed date and timer limitations.

- Serial numbers feature.
Mark each copy of your software with unique serial number.

- Flexible machine locking.
Lock software to target computer. Seven locking parameters are available: HD volume ID, Bios ID, OS ID, CPU ID, Network card ID, HD hardware ID and CD/DVD hardware ID.

- USB drive (Flash/HD) locking Lock your software to USB drive (Flash or HD). Protected application can be used only in case valid USB drive is attached to computer.

- Secure distribution.
Securely distribute your software over the Internet or on any distribution media CD/DVD/floppy...

- Secure and simple license management.
Enable licenses by phone, fax or e-mail.

- Advanced protection interface system.
Easily check license status and interact with protection code directly from your application.

- License removal feature.
Allow your client to securely remove program licenses from his computer.

- License transfer feature.
Allow your client to transfer program licenses from one computer to another.

- Limited license feature.
Rent or lease your software by combining available license limitations (number of runs, number of days, fixed date limitation).

- Updates policy feature.
Limit free updates by setting updates policy for protected application.

- Custom features.
Easily enable or disable features (modules) inside your application. 16 features can be passed via standard activation code. Up to 320 additional features can be passed via extended activation codes by using custom counters as sets of features. Feature status can be checked from protected application by using protection interface.

- License extension feature.
Easily update issued license before it expires. Update features, counters, limitations...

- Evaluation period extension feature.
Demo (evaluation) period can be extended after it expires by issuing special activation code.

- Runtime encryption system.
Fragments of code are marked in source code by using special start and end labels. These fragments of code in compiled application are recognized by PC Guard and are additionally encrypted during protection process. Runtime encrypted code always stays encrypted in memory. It is not decrypted during application startup. It's managed by special code each time it should be executed. Once it is executed it's encrypted again.

- Language editor.
You can manage (edit/load/save) more than 70 interface messages for 15 different languages including messages from all interface dialog boxes.

- Custom dialogs feature.
Use your own dialogs instead of default interface dialogs!

- IP Filtering system.
Easily enable access to protected application only from computers with specific IP addresses or from specific sub-domains. You can define up to 30 different IP filters (unique IP addresses or sub-domains). IP filtering can be combined with any protection method.

- Network licensing.
Network protection method is suitable for controlling (limiting) number of workstations simultaneously accessing protected program located on network server. You can combine network protection method with IP filtering feature to additionally lock protected program to target network.

- Machine ID feature.
Securely check the status of locking parameters in order to prevent false requests for new unlocking codes in the case of HD crash, bios upgrade, disk format, virus attack and similar events.

- Easy management of protected program updates.
Auto-unlocking feature is available for protected program updates.

- "Lock program to installation directory" feature.
You can now lock program protected with remote protection method to its installation directory. Once it's unlocked, program can not be started from different directory. This counts for current and all future installations of the same program.

- "Limit number of application instances" feature.
You can now easily control (limit) number of application instances per computer. For applications running under Windows server terminal services number of instances is valid per server and not per workstation. You can thus use this feature to implement network floating licensing in such environment.

- Custom counters feature.
You can now securely manage (change/save) 10 custom (long integer) counters directly from your application by using protection interface.

- Four customizable buttons for activation dialog box.
You can enable/disable four buttons and assign action string for each button. Action string can be a document name, folder name or http link for example. This will allow your client to open your web page, help or license agreement file just by pressing appropriate custom button.

- Advanced overlay management code (AOM)
Advanced overlay management (AOM) is a new, universal approach for managing protection of non-standard applications with internal overlays.

- Unique support for non-standard applications.
Special support for the following compilers/applications is available: ACD FotoAngelo, Active e-book compiler, AL Pictures Slideshow Studio, AutoPlay Media Studio, Macromedia Authorware, Macromedia Director, Macromedia Flash, TrainerSoft, FlashJester - Jugglor, Bink video player, Help and manual, Game editor, Linder Setup Builder, Dark Basic compiler, LabView, Microsoft Camcorder, Multimedia fusion, NeoBook, Mediator, Opus Pro, Photoshop droplet files, PPT to Flash Studio, FreeWrap, Power Builder, Real Basic, Adventure Game Studio, Runtime revolution compiler, SecurePack, Techsmith?s Camtasia, Visual DBase, Brilliant Database SDK, WBTExpress, WinBatch, WinDev, Zinc.

- Activation center (ACEN)
Full featured ASP .NET 2.0 WEB application for online management of clients, programs, orders and licenses with flexible automated activation system. More info...

- Support for third party licensing.
You can fully control third party licensing with AC Generator.

- Support for calculation of activation codes over Internet connection.
Easily integrate calculation of activation codes over Internet with AC Generator WEB.

- Support for calculation of activation codes from your own application.
Easily integrate activation code calculation into your application with AC Generator API.
State of the art protection techniques!

Protection is applied directly to applications (EXE/DLL...) by wrapping them into security envelope which consist of large number of encryption layers and anti-debugging, anti reverse engineering code and contains all protection functions.

If you are already using other software protection tools or self made software copy protection system you can always use our prodcuts for additional security! Your software protection system will be much safer and stronger!
Custom development & Affiliate program

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If you have any special needs that can not be met with our standard software protection products you are welcome to contact us as we are also offering custom development services in areas of software protection and data security.
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