Thursday, March 22, 2012 - 12:21

As you are already aware we are going to replace old CODE protection method with new  one (USB protection) from next minor update (05.10.0000).

Here is some basic technical information about USB  protection method:

- In case of USB protection application is locked to single USB drive (flash/HD) and will work on any computer as long as this USB drive is connected to it. USB drive is required for protection process and drive serial number is used for encryption of protected application.

- USB protection is actually an extension of PLAIN protection method. All features available for PLAIN protection (like demo mode or serial numbers) are still available for USB protection with one exception: application protected with USB protection can not be run on computer without USB drive used for locking.

- Protected application will check for required USB driver on startup. If USB drive is present application will obtain decryption keys and start. Error message is displayed otherwise.

- Protected application can also check if USB drive is still attached to computer after program startup (there will be an option to enable/disable this feature). There will also be an option to set checking interval (default: 180 seconds). If USB drive is removed after application is loaded into memory protection code will (display error message and) close protected application.

- Advanced protection interface will also include CheckForUsbDrive() function. In this case application code can handle these checks and change default behavior in case USB drive is removed from computer.