pc guard for .net64
PC Guard for .NET64

.NET64 editon of PC Guard software protection system intended for protection of 64bit (x64) .NET framework applications and standard (C++, VB, Delphi...) and non-standard 64bit Windows applications. All .NET programming languages and .NET framework versions are supported. Protected applications will work on any Windows 64bit operating system.

pc guard for .net64 screenshot

Pricing & Offers

Product Full price Price
PC Guard for .NET64 (Single license)
499.95 EUR
PC Guard for .NET64 + SourceArmor .NET (Bundle)
800.00 EUR
679.95 EUR
PC Guard for .NET + PC Guard for .NET64 (Bundle)
900.00 EUR
799.95 EUR
PC Guard for .NET64 (3 Licenses pack)
1499.95 EUR
999.95 EUR
PC Guard for .NET64 (5 Licenses pack)
2499.95 EUR
1499.95 EUR
PC Guard for .NET64 (10 Licenses pack)
4999.95 EUR
2999.95 EUR