Edition Windows applications .NET Framework (Core) applications
32bit 64bit 32bit (x86/AnyCpu) 64bit (x64)
The easiest way to find out which edition is the best choice for you is to download demo version of PC Guard for Win32 and test it on your applications. If PC Guard for Win32 is not able to protect application you will be notified with appropriate message about required edition of PC Guard for that type of application.
All PC Guard family products share the same set of features. PC Guard project files can also be shared (loaded, used and saved) between all editions.
Applications protected with different editions of PC Guard can share the same license information and can be activated with single activation code.

PC Guard software protection system is available in 4 different editions. If you are developing Microsoft .NET framework or .NET Core applications by using VB.NET, C#, J# or any other .NET programming language you will need PC Guard for .NET or (and) PC Guard for .NET64 depending on the targeted platforms (x86/AnyCpu/x64). Both PC Guard for .NET and PC Guard for .NET64 also support appropriate (32bit/64bit) Windows applications so if you decide to go with .NET versions these editions will also cover protection of native (unmanaged) Windows applications.

If you are developing only native Windows applications by using C++, VB, Delphi or any other Windows programming language PC Guard for Win32 or (and) PC Guard for Win64 is the right choice for you.

Standalone executable applications are often not created by programming development tools. If you are using such tools you are probably not aware if your application is 32bit or 64bit Windows or even .NET Framework application. Get demo version of PC Guard for Win32 and test it!

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