Easily manage interface messages for protected applications by using languages editor.

Each copy of PC Guard comes with predefined set of messages for English, German, French and Portuguese language.

Language information is valid per machine on which PC Guard is installed and is shared between all used on that computer projects.

Different default language can be set for each project.

Languages file

All languages are kept in single (PCGUARD.LNG) file.

On Windows XP this text file is located in installation directory of PC Guard

In case of Windows Vista and PC Guard for Win32 this file is located in:

<system drive>:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Sofpro\PC Guard for Win32

On Windows 7 and later operating systems it is stored in:

<system drive>:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Sofpro\PC Guard for Win32

Currently selected language in language editor is treated as default language for current project.

Languages editor

languages editor


List of messages. Click on message id from the list to select message to be edited.


Description of currently selected message.

Edit message

Edit box for editing currently selected message.

Select language

Use to select language to be edited. When finished, should be set to default language for the project.

Edit language name

Edit box for editing current language name (click on Save button to save updated name) and adding new languages (click on Add button to add new language)

Languages toolbar

Use "Save" button to save all languages to language file.

Use "Add" button to add new language.

Use "Delete" button to delete currently selected language.

Use "Backup" button to save languages data to backup file.

Use "Restore" button to restore languages data from backup file.

How to edit messages?

Use messages list box to select message. Description window will display additional information about selected message. 

Use "Edit message" edit box to change default message.

Click on 'Save' button to save all changes to languages file.