The following table contains list of all source code samples included in full featured version.

Name Language Description

Protection interface

pi_cpp_sample C/C++ C/C++ 32/64 bit protection interface sample source code (VS 2019).
pi_delphi_sample Delphi Delphi 32/64 bit protection interface sample source code.
pi_cpp_builder_sample C++ Builder C++ Builder 32/64 bit protection interface sample source code.
pi_vb6_sample VB6 Visual basic 6 protection interface sample source code.
pi_env_cpp_sample C/C++ C/C++ 32/64 bit sample which demonstrates usage of protection interface environment variables (VS 2019).

Alternate protection interface

altpcgi_csharp_sample C# C# .NET Framework console application (VS 2019).
altpcgi_wpf_csharp C# C# .NET Framework WPF application with custom activation and license removal interface (VS 2019).
altpcgi_netcore_csharp C# C# .NET Core / .NET 5 console application (VS 2019).
altpcgi_vbnet_sample VB.NET VB.NET .NET Framework console application(VS 2019).
altpcgi_cpp_sample C/C++ C/C++ Windows console application (VS 2019).

RTE (Run-Time-Encryption)

rte_cpp_sample C/C++ C/C++ 32/64 bit RTE sample source code (VS 2019).
rte_delphi_sample Delphi Delphi 32/64 bit RTE sample source code.
rte_cpp_builder_sample C++ Builder C++ Builder 32/64 bit RTE sample source code.


clickonce_launcher_sample C# C# ClickOnce sample launcher project (VS 2019).
net_win_service sample C# C# .NET Windows service protection sample project (VS 2019).
customdlg_cpp_sample C/C++ Visual studio sample custom dialogs project (VS 2019).