Activation center (ACEN) is ready-made, full featured ASP .NET WEB application for management of clients, programs, orders and licenses with flexible automated activation system for programs protected with PC Guard Software Protection System family products.

activation center


Activation center (ACEN) is available in two different versions:

1. Source code version (with full asp .net source code, freely modifiable)

2. Pre-compiled version (precompiled, without ASP .NET source code)

ACEN is licensed per server. Each server requires separate license. There are no additional charges (per user or per generated licenses for example).

Detailed pricing information is available in our online store.


- Microsoft Windows based WEB server (dedicated web server or shared hosting)
- ASP .NET 4 (or later version)
- Microsoft SQL server (2005 or later edition, Express editions are also supported)

activation centerSupported editions of PC Guard

ACEN supports applications protected with all PC Guard family products.

PC Guard V6 family products:

- PC Guard for .NET64 V6, PC Guard for Win64 V6, PC Guard for .NET V6, PC Guard for Win32 V6

PC Guard V5 family products:

- PC Guard for .NET V5, PC Guard for Win32 V5

Demo version

If you are interested in testing Activation center (ACEN) please request access to online demo version of Activation center.

You will receive login information for both administrator and client interface so you can fully test all available features.

Licensing modelsactivation center

By default, Activation center is intended for managing licenses for programs protected with REMOTE protection method.

However, ACEN also supports programs protected with PLAIN/USB protection.

There are two main licensing models for program protected with remote protection: Standard and Web licensing.

Each of provided models has its pros and cons. Which licensing model you'll choose depends on your actual requirements and needs. Both licensing models can be enabled for same program. More...

PC Guard 06.00.0300 and above includes out of the box (no programming is required) support for web licensing model!

Included components

Activation center also includes additional useful components: AC Generator for .NET (web component for generation of activation codes) and Activation web service which can be accessed from any desktop or mobile application.