Client interface in standard licensing is intended for end users of software protected with PC Guard. 

NOTE: Administrator users can not access client interface pages.

Login page

Clients are sharing the same login page with ACEN administrators.

By default, clients are redirected to home page for clients from login page. This can be changed in ACEN client interface options.

Home page

Home page includes links to client interface sections and latest news.

Account page

Clients can update personal (company) information and change access password here.

Orders page

Orders page is intended for:

- reviewing orders and licenses
- activating new licenses
- reactivating previous licenses
- transferring licenses from one computer to another
- adding new orders with valid serial numbers  
- sending emails with activation information

Help page

This page includes basic help documentation for activation center client interface. Client can find step-by-step instructions about reviewing orders, adding new licenses and removing, reactivating and transferring existing licenses.

There is also a contact form on help page which client can use to send emails to support department. 

Help page and contact form on help page may be disabled in ACEN client interface options.