Client interface is intended for clients (end users) only. This is where clients can manage their licenses and account information.

NOTE: Administrator users can not access client interface pages.


Login page is the starting point for both administrator users and clients. Administrator's dashboard page is the starting point for administrators and Home page is the start page for clients. This can be changed in ACEN client interface options.


Forgotten password

Clients can use this page in case they forget login password for their account. Client can enter both username (Customer ID) or email address associated with their ACEN account. In case username is provided, instructions for resetting account password will be dispatched to all emails with that account. In case email address is provided, instructions will be sent for account with provided email.


By default, home page is the starting point for all Clients. Home page includes links to client interface pages and latest news control.



This is where clients can review their orders and manage their licenses: activate new licenses, remove existing licenses, reactivate licenses on original computes or transfer previously issued licenses from one computer to another. Clients can also add new orders with valid serial numbers (if such feature is enabled in program settings).


Clients can update personal (company) contact information and change their login password here.



This page includes basic help documentation for client interface. Help page includes step-by-step instructions for all license management features. There is also a contact form on help page which client can use to send emails to support department. Help page and contact form on help page may be disabled in ACEN client interface options.