ACEN web licensing model can be implemented in two ways:

Out of the box

Out of the box support for web licensing model  was first introduced in PC Guard 06.00.0300.

No additional programming is required on your side.

Our protection code which is embedded into protected application during protection process will automatically control all required licensing tasks.

The whole setup is also highly customizable and will cover almost all licensing scenarios.

Implement out of the box web licensing in three easy steps:

STEP 1: Set Program data and enable web licensing in Activation center (ACEN).

STEP 2: Set same project settings including ACEN server and ACEN web licensings project settings in PC Guard.

STEP 3: Protect application!

Self handling

If you want to handle all licensing tasks directly from your code you need to use advanced protection interface functions and ACEN web service for handling licenses in ACEN.

This requires additional programming on your side but allows maximum flexibility. ACEN includes required web service documentation and sample desktop application which implements ACEN web service handling to get you started.

The following options should be set in PC Guard's project settings:

- Enable demo mode together with date or exec limitation.

- Set "Protected application will handle expired demo option" option.

- Set "Protected application will handle license management" option to manage license removal, update or license transfer from your code.

- Set "Protected application will handle expired license" option to manage expired limited license from your code.

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