IMPORTANT: SOAP interface is no longer updated. Please use WebApi interface instead. WebApi interface supports both standard and web licensing models.

Acen web service (SOAP) provides methods for managing activation center Clients, Orders, Licenses and Web licenses.


Service authentication is implemented via custom SOAP headers.

To use SOAP headers for authentication, a Web service client would send its credentials to the Web service by adding the expected SOAP header to the SOAP request and populating it with the client credentials.

Both clients and administrators can use activation web service. For example, clients can manage licenses for their orders only. On the other hand, administrators can manage licenses for any order.

Some methods can not be used by clients (please see security note for each method) for security reasons.

STATUS_AUTHORIZATION_ERROR is returned in case invalid credentials are provided.

STATUS_CREDENTIALS_MISSING is returned in case username and/or password is missing.

NOTE: Authentication is required for standard licensing model methods.

Sample acen web service client application

Sample service client desktop application (MS Visual Studio VB.NET project) is included. This application demonstrates basic usage of all available service methods.

Acen web service client project archive is located in \help subdirectory of ACEN.

NOTE: By default, web reference points to localhost. Please be sure to replace it with valid web reference to your ACEN web service.