ACEN Web API provides the multiple controllers and actions for managing Clients, Orders, Products, Users, Licenses and Web licenses.

Please review included Swagger documentation which can be accessed from main dashboard for detailed information about each action method.


HTTP MethodDescriptionAuthorizationRole
GETGet ClientRetrieve details of an existing Client.YesAdmin
PUTUpdate ClientUpdates the specific Client.YesAdmin
POSTAdd ClientCreates a new Client.YesAdmin
DELETEDelete ClientDeletes an existing Client.YesAdmin


HTTP MethodDescriptionAuthorizationRole
GETGet LicenseRetrieve details of existing license.YesAdmin
GETValidate LicenseValidates existing license and updates license alive data.No 
POSTLicense aliveUpdates license alive data (time/host) in license data.No 
POSTRemove LicenseRemoves existing license.No 
POSTReactivate LicenseReactivates existing license.No 
POSTAdd LicenseAdds new license.No 


HTTP MethodDescriptionAuthorizationRole
GETGet OrderRetrieve details of an existing Order.YesAdmin
PUTUpdate OrderUpdates the specific Order.YesAdmin
POSTAdd OrderCreates a new Order.YesAdmin
DELETEDelete OrderDeletes an existing Order.YesAdmin


HTTP MethodDescriptionAuthorizationRole
GETGet ProductRetrieve details of an existing Product.YesAdmin
GETGet WebApi Products.Retrieve the list of all WebApi enabled Products.YesAdmin
PUTUpdate ProductUpdates the specific Product.YesAdmin
POSTAdd ProductCreates a new Product.YesAdmin
DELETEDelete ProductDeletes an existing Product.YesAdmin


HTTP MethodDescriptionAuthorizationRole
GETGet UserRetrieve a specific administrator User.YesAdmin
PUTUpdate UserUpdates existing administrator User.YesAdmin
POSTAdd UserAdds new administrator User.YesAdmin
DELETEDelete UserDelete specific administrator User.YesAdmin

Web Licenses

HTTP MethodDescriptionAuthorizationRole
GETGet Web LicenseRetrieve details of existing web license.YesAdmin
GETValidate Web LicenseValidates existing web license and updates web license alive data.No 
POSTWeb License aliveUpdates web license alive data (time/host) in license data.No 
POSTRemove Web LicenseRemoves existing web license.No 
POSTReactivate Web LicenseReactivates existing web license.No 
POSTAdd Web LicenseAdds new web license.No