Clients can use this page in case they forget login password for their account.

Activation center: Forgotten password page

Client can enter both username (Customer ID) or email address associated with their ACEN account.

In case username is provided, instructions for resetting account password will be dispatched to all emails with that account.

In case email address is provided, instructions will be sent for account with provided email. If email address is associated with multiple accounts, instructions will be delivered for all of these accounts. If account name or email address is not found, no error message will be displayed for security reasons.

Captcha control value should be set before clicking on Reset password button.

If email or account name is valid, email with instructions will be delivered to client. Default email template for password reset email can be edited in email templates.

Password reset email will include link to password reset page. Client can access password reset page by clicking on the link or by pasting link into their web browser. By default password reset link will be valid for one hour.

Activation center: Password reset page

If password reset link is valid, client will be able to enter new password and finally change account password by clicking on Reset password button.