System email templates and your own custom email templates are managed here.

System email templates

These templates are mandatory and are by default, available in activation center. They can be changed as required but can not be deleted.

The following system templates are currently available:

1. Activation center information email

This is template for activation center information email which is delivered to clients. It includes required login information and instructions for setting password for new accounts. This email can be sent from Client details panel.

2. Program activation email

This system template includes license activation information including activation code. Activation information email can be generated by both ACEN administrator users and Clients.

3. Password reset email

System template for forgotten password email. It includes instructions and link for changing forgotten password for end users (Clients). This email is generated by ACEN and delivered to end users from forgotten password page.

Activation center: Email templates

Click on to delete email template from database (you will be prompted before actually erasing template from database).

Click on Refresh button to refresh list of email templates.

Click on Add new button to add new email template.

Click on to edit email template.

Activation center: Email template details

Template ID

Unique email template id (integer). It's generated automatically and can not be changed. Custom templates start with id of 100.


Short email template description. This option is mandatory.


Email template subject. Email subject can contain template macros.


Email template body. This is the actual email body. Use drop down listbox to insert template macros into message body.

Email template macros

These macros are replaced with actual database information when email message is created.

The following email template macros are currently available: