Each activation center administrator user belongs to appropriate group. Default 'Administrators' group is automatically added to database during deployment. This group can not be deleted nor modified. Existing (in case of upgrade) and new users are automatically assigned to this group.

Activation center: Groups page

Click on  button to delete group from database. Group can not be deleted if there are existing users in this group.

Click on  button to view all users from selected group.

Click on Refresh button to refresh list of users.

Click on + New group button to add new group to database.

Click on  button to edit group details.

Each group includes the following information:

- Group ID (string value, unique id)

- Description (string value, short description)

- Authorization profile (set of rights for authorization objects)

Authorization profile for 'Administrators' group includes all rights for all available authorization objects.

Authorization rights

The following rights can be set for each authorization object: Create, ModifyDelete and View.

Authorization objects

The following authorization objects are currently available:

Object Available rights
Client Create, Modify, Delete, View
Order Create, Modify, Delete, View
Program Create, Modify, Delete, View
License Create, Modify, Delete, View
User Create, Modify, Delete, View
Audit Delete, View
Options Modify, View
Backup Create
Dashboard (Admin) View
Email templates Create, Modify, Delete, View
News Create, Modify, Delete, View

Authorization profile

Authorization profile is a set of all available authorization objects and their authorization rights. Authorization profile is assigned to User group.

Activation center: Groups: Authorization profile

Click on Add button to add new group.

Click on Save button to update group data.

Click on Select All to enable all authorization rights for all authorization objects for this group.

Click on Unselect All to disable all authorization rights for all authorization objects for this group.

Select group from drop-down list and click on Copy from button to copy authorization profile from selected group to this group.

Field Description
Group ID - Unique Group ID (string)
Description - Short group description.