This page is used for managing licenses. 

- In order to access licenses table you need to select client and appropriate order or jump to specific order based on Order ID value.

- Click on search button to filter clients by name.

- Click on orders button to access order by entering order id.

- Click on "Limited licenses" to access limited licenses panel.

licenses page

Clients table

Click on orders button button to view orders for this client.

Click on add order button to add new order for client.

Click on lock button or unlock button to lock or unlock client in database (depending on current client status).

NOTE: Locked client can not login to activation center

Click on delete button to delete client from database (you will be prompted before actually erasing client from database).

Click on details button to edit client details.

Orders table

Click on licenses button to view all licenses for specific order.

Click on add button to add new license for specific order.

Click on details button to view order details

Click on delete button to delete order from database (you will be prompted before actually erasing order from database).

Licenses table

Click on refresh button to update license.

Click on email button to open activation email panel (for sending activation email to client).

Click on license history button to view history for this license.

Click on delete button to deactivate license from database (license is marked as deactivated and removal date is set)

Click on license details button to view license details:

license details


Field Description
License ID - Unique license ID (automatically generated in activation panel)
Orginal license ID - Original license ID (for tracing license history)
Order ID - Order ID
Activation date - Date of activation
Removal date - Date of license removal (empty if not removed)
Expiration date - Date of license expiration (in case limited license is enabled)
Site code - Site code
MID - Machine ID
Removal code - Removal code
Activation code - Activation code
Note - Activation code note (can be updated at later time)
MACHINE LOCKS - Machine locking parameters
COUNTERS - Custom counters
FEATURES - Custom features