This page is used for managing licenses for clients in standard licensing.

Activation center: Licenses: Clients search

In order to access licenses we first have to select client and appropriate order or jump directly to specific Order by providing specific Order ID value.

- Search all clients. First name, Last name, Registration name, Email and Custom client data are searched.

- Access order by providing Order id value.

- Click on Limited licenses button to access limited licenses panel.

Clients table

- View all orders for specific client.

- Add new order for client.

Click on or to lock or unlock client in database (depending on current client status). Locked client can not login to activation center.

- Delete client from database (you will be prompted before actually erasing client from database).

- View client details.

Activation center: Licenses: Orders grid

Orders table

- Delete Order from database (you will be prompted before actually erasing order from database)

- View Order details.

- List all licenses for selected Order.

- Add new license for selected order

Activation center: Licenses grid

Licenses table

- Update license.

- Deactivate license (license is marked as deactivated and removal date is set)

- Open activation email panel (for sending activation email to client).

- View license history.

Activation center: License history

- View license details.

Activation center: License details
Field Description
License ID - Unique license ID (automatically generated in activation panel)
Original license ID - Original license ID (for tracking license history)
Order ID - Order ID
Activation date - Date of activation
Site code - Site code
MID - Machine ID
Expiration date - Date of license expiration (in case limited license is enabled)
Removal code - Removal code
Removal date - Date of license removal (empty if not removed)
Removal status - License removal status: Unknown, Removed, Reactivated, Replaced (admin), Transferred (admin)
Activation code - Activation code
Note - Activation code note (can be updated at later time)
Machine locks - Machine locking parameters
Counters - Custom counters
Features - Custom features