Maintenance panel performs maintenance tasks and offers solutions for common setup problems. If there are no warnings, maintenance panel will stay hidden

Activation center: Maintenance panel


All maintenance tasks can be enabled or disabled in maintenance options. Following maintenance tasks are currently done each time dashboard page is accessed:

Check for importing existing acen configuration options.

ACEN is no longer using config file for storing options. Instead, configuration options are stored in database. If you've just upgraded ACEN from some old build maintenance panel will detect existing configuration file and display "Import options" button for importing existing options into database. Click on "Import options" button to import options from old configuration file to database.

Check for options which require change from their default values.

All options come with their preset, default values. Some options require change of default values. This part of maintenance panel will validate all options and display information about options which require change. Click on "Edit options" button to edit required options.

Check for default admin user password

Changing default ADMIN user password is of high importance and this is something you should do right after first login to activation center. If you forget to change default ADMIN user password maintenance panel will display appropriate warning message. Click on "Change password" button to change default password.

Check for unhashed passwords

Old builds of activation center stored client user passwords as plain text in database and administrator users passwords were encrypted with less secure hashing algorithm. Latest build uses more secure hashing algorithm for both client and administrator users. If unhashed passwords are detected, warning message will be displayed together with an option to hash all unhashed passwords in database. Click on "Hash passwords" button to hash all passwords in database.

Check for obsolete options

Obsolete and no longer used options will be detected in database and if required, warning message will be displayed with an option to delete obsolete options from database.

Check for Activation center updates

If new version of activation center is available for download appropriate message will be displayed and activation center version control will be displayed with detailed information about latest version.

Purging of old logs

If Purge logs older than x days option is enabled in maintenance options this task will automatically delete old logs. Information about deleted logs will be displayed in maintenance panel each time logs are deleted by this task.