Options page can be accessed from admin dashboard page by clicking on Options button.
Activation center: Options: Server and Database information

Server & database information

Review information about server and sql database and backup database here.

Activation center: Email options

Email options

Email server information is required for sending emails from ACEN.


Activation center: Admin interface options

Admin interface options

Administrator interface options. Custom data titles and different UI options.


Activation center: Options: Maintenance options

Maintenance options

Maintenance tasks are managed here.


Activation center: Client interface options (General)

Client interface options (General) 

General client interface (standard web licensing) option are managed here.


acen: options: security options

Security options

Brute force protection and ddos protection options are located here.


Activation center: Options: Updates


Check for latest ACEN updates and request latest builds.


Activation center: Options: Client interface (Activation)

Client interface options (Activation)

Activation options related to client interface: license management and flexible locking settings. 


Activation center: Options: Login status

Login status options

Manage login status for both clients and users here.


ACEN: Options: WebApi

Web API options

Manage Web API interface options here.