clients list

This page is used for managing information about your end users (clients)

Click on 'Show all' button to list all clients in main table.

Click on 'Add new' button to add new client.

Click on search button to search all clients based on search pattern. Table will be filled with clients where search pattern was found inside at least one of the following fields: First name, Last name, Registration name, Email and Custom client data.

Click on orders button to view all orders for specific client.

Click on add order button to add new order for specific client.

Click on lock button or unlock button to lock or unlock client in database (depending on current client status). Locked client can not login to activation center.

Click on delete button to delete client from database (you will be prompted before actually erasing client from database).

Click on details button to view client details.

client details

Click on 'Save' button to update client data.

Click on add order button to add new order for client.

Click on orders button to view all orders for this client.

Click on logs button to view logs for this client.

Click on email button to create activation center login information email for this client.

Field Description
Customer ID - Unique client identification (any 6 characters long string value)
Password - Client password (random password can be generated by clicking on '#' button)
Client rights - Currently not used (always set to 0)
First name - First name
Last name - Last name
Registration name - Registration name
Company - Company
Address - Address
City - City
Country - Country
Phone - Phone number
Fax - Fax number
Email - Primary email address
Email2 - Secondary email address
Note - Additional note about client
Date - Date when this client was added to database
Last login - Date and time of last successful login for this client
Custom data - Custom client data