This page is used for managing orders. All orders can be filtered by date (period), order status (all/active/disabled), Product, Client (by using customer id) or by Order ID.

By default, all orders for current month are listed in main table.  Default period can be changed in admin interface options.

Activation center: Orders

- Delete Order from database (you will be prompted before actually erasing order from database)

- View Order details.

- View Client details.

- List all licenses for Order.

- Add new license for specific order

Activation center: Order details (no activation)

Save - Update client data.

Serial numbers:

- Validate serial number. Serial number is automatically validated before order update or before adding new order.

- Set default order features accordingly to features stored in serial number.

Field Description
Order ID - Unique order id (any integer value)
Client ID - Unique clientID of existing customer
Product - Select one of available products from dropdown listbox (only active products are listed here)
Date - Order date
Net sales - Net sales (currency)
Net discount - Net discount (currency)
Service fee - Service fee (currency)
Total sales - Total sales (currency)
Features - Default custom features for this order (1-16)
Licenses purchased - Number of purchased licenses
Licenses granted - Number of granted licenses
Serial number - Serial number (this field is hidden in case it's not required for selected program)
Payment type - Type of payment (credit card, wire transfer...)
Refunded - Select if order is refunded
Refund date - Date of refund
Refund amount - Refunded amount (currency)
Charged back - Select if order is charged back
Chargeback date - Date of chargeback
Chargeback amount - Amount (currency)
Counters panel - Click to edit default custom counters for this order
Features panel - Click to edit default custom features for this order
Note Note
Order is visible in client interface

If enabled, order will be displayed in client interface. (default)

If disabled, client will not be able to see this order in the list of his orders. This also means that licenses for such order can be managed by ACEN administrator users only.

Client can manage licenses for this order

This option is available only if "Order is visible in client interface" option is enabled. Otherwise, it will be disabled in order options.

If enabled, client will be able to manage (add, remove, transfer or reactivate) licenses for this order. (default)

If disabled, client will only be able to review licenses for this order and send activation emails.

Active Select if order is active. Order can be deactivated for various reasons (refund/chargeback). Client will not be able to add/updated licenses for deactivated orders as they will not be listed in activation center (client interface).
Custom data - Custom data for this order