Custom features are included in Program, Order and License data.

Activation center: Custom features


Default custom features, custom features descriptions and special flags can be set for each Program. Program features are then used as default features for new Orders for that program. Features from Order data are finally used as default features for generation of activation codes.

Special flags (Disable limited license, Extend evaluation and License extension) are also set here.

All custom features for new Program are disabled by default. Descriptions for custom features can be set in Program data only. These descriptions are read-only in Order and License data.

Features are marked with numbers (1-16). In above example Features 1, 3, 6, 11 and 13 are turned on. Use descriptions ("Feature 1" - "Feature 16") to easily identify each feature when enabling/disabling features.

Number in bottom right corner is decimal representation of currently enabled features.