custom features

There are 16 features (flags) which can be set/unset during calculation of activation codes and pass to protected application via activation code.

Feature status can then be checked from protected application by using protection interface (via calls to GetInterfaceData() function or by checking appropriate environment variables (please refer to protection interface documentation for detailed information).

Custom features can be used for disabling/enabling modules (functions, features) in protected application.

Up to 320 additional features can be passed via custom counters.

Special flags

Special flags are used to mark activation code for additional special activation code features. The following special flags are available:

1. Disable limited license flag

Generated activation code will disable limited license feature for protected application on remote computer. Protected application will be permanently activated with generated activation code.

2. Extend evaluation period flag

Generated activation code will extend evaluation period for protected application.

3. License extension flag

Generated activation code can be used for license extension only.


- Custom features panel is automatically displayed after opening activation panel. If closed, it can be opened again by clicking on "Features" button.

- Click on "Save" button to save current status of custom features as default for project.

- You can define custom descriptions for custom features in Customization settings.