AC Generator is an optional standalone desktop application for generation of activation codes, validation of serial numbers and generation of activation files for all PC Guard Software Protection System family products. It is intended for licensed PC Guard users and other authorized parties such as software vendors.

Main features include:

- generation of standard and extended activation codes

- validation of serial numbers

- generation of activation files

If you need to generate activation codes on additional computers (without ability to protect your applications on such computers) you can purchase AC Generator licenses instead of purchasing additional PC Guard licenses.

You can also let other persons or companies (software vendors) to generate activation codes for you by providing them with AC Generator and appropriate project file which can be created from any PC Guard product.

AC Generator can be useful if there is a need for generation of activation codes on multiple computers inside your support department or in case you need to let other persons or companies (software vendors) to generate activation codes for your company.

For security reasons, each copy of AC Generator is 'tied' to PC Guard family products in a way that both AC Generator and PC Guard copies must be licensed to same company/person in order to be able to generate valid activation codes and load project files. In this way, if your competitor is also using our copy protection software he will not be able to load and use project files generated with PC Guard products licensed to your company.