Securely update license limitations, custom features or custom counters via activation code.

Use license extension feature to update custom features, custom counters, license limitations or max number of application instances for already activated applications.

License extension feature is based on license extension activation codes.

License extension activation codes

License extension activation codes are based on next Site/MID code values.

Next site/MID codes are displayed on activation dialog when 'Extend license' radio button is selected. 

If required, these values can also be obtained via protection interface.

License extension activation codes can be standard or extended.

License extension with standard activation codes

If standard activation code is used for license extension only license validity period and number of runs limitation will be updated with default values for these limitations on remote computer. 

Default values are default limitations from project settings which are stored into protected application during protection process.

Please note that default limitations on remote computer may be different from your current project default limitations in case you were using different values for previous updates and customer is using one of these updates.

License extension with extended activation codes

Extended activation codes are longer than standard activation codes but provide much more functionality.

Use extended activation options to generate extended activation codes and change default license limitations, custom counters or max number of application instances for protected application on remote computer.

NOTE: By default, if license extension feature is enabled, activation dialog will pop-up on each startup after activation. In order to suppress displaying of activation dialog on each run after activation you can enable "Special key pop-up enabled" option and let your end user choose when to invoke activation dialog by toggling special key(s) before running protected application.