Activated license can be securely transferred from one computer to another.

This can be done manually by end user via activation dialog or directly from protected application by using TransferLicense() advanced protection interface function.

By default, if license transfer feature is enabled, activation dialog will pop-up on each startup after activation. At this point end user can continue and enter application or transfer his license.

In order to suppress displaying of activation dialog on each run after activation you can enable "Special key pop-up enabled" option and let your client choose when to invoke activation dialog by toggling special key(s) before running protected application.

By default, activation code is required for license removal process in order to prevent accidental or unauthorized license removal. Enable "Activation code is not required for license removal/transfer" option in activation dialog settings to change this behavior.

Once license transfer is complete, activation code for new computer will be generated and presented to end user.

License transfer process will not delete or uninstall protected application from source computer. It will just reset existing license on source computer. Protected application will generate different Site/MID codes and ask for new, different activation code on source computer.

Standard license transfer procedure

Activated application is located on source computer A (already activated with activation code A) and end user wants to transfer it to computer B.

End user should install and run copy of protected application on target computer (B).

Protected application on target computer (B) will display activation dialog box with "Site code B" which is different from "Site code A".

Activation code B will be required for program activation.

Here is basic license transfer procedure via using activation dialog:

1. Run previously activated application on computer A.

2. Activation dialog box should pop-up.

3. Select "Transfer license" radio button.

4. Enter original activation code A (this will prevent accidental or unauthorized license removal).

5. Enter Site code B from target computer B (new Site code).

6. Press "Continue" button.

7. Press OK to approve license transfer process.

8. New dialog box will pop-up at this point with activation code B.

9. Use activation code B to activate license on computer B.

License transfer and limited license feature

In case limited license feature is enabled, current state of license limitations will be transferred to destination computer via new (extended) activation code.

For example, if limited license was initially set to 20 days and 100 runs and if license was due to expire after 10 days and 50 runs at the time of license transfer, license on new computer will expire exactly 10 days or after 50 runs from activation on new computer.


- Enable "Re-enable demo mode after license transfer" option if you want to restore demo mode (on source computer) for protected application after license is transferred to destination computer.

- Enable "Disable license transfer for limited license" option to disable license transfer feature for application with limited license.

- Enable "Limit number of available license transfers" option to limit number of available license transfers for end user.

- Select "Reset number of available license transfers" to to reset existing number of available license transfers. If set, be sure to increase Update ID for new update in order to make this option functional.