Activated license can be securely removed from remote computer.

This can be done manually by end user via activation dialog or from protected application by using RemoveLicense() advanced protection interface function.

By default, if license removal feature is enabled, activation dialog will pop-up on each startup after activation. At this point end user can enter application or remove his license.

In order to suppress displaying of activation dialog on each run after activation you can enable "Special key pop-up enabled" option and let your client choose when to invoke activation dialog by toggling special key(s) before running protected application.

By default, activation code is required for license removal process in order to prevent accidental or unauthorized license removal. Enable "Activation code is not required for license removal/transfer" option in activation dialog settings to change this behavior.

Once license removal is complete, valid removal code (32bit hexadecimal number) will be generated and presented to end user. Removal code is the proof that previously issued license has been successfully removed from remote computer.

Standard license removal procedure

Basic license removal procedure on application startup by using activation dialog :

- Run previously activated application.

- Activation dialog box should pop-up.

- Select "Remove license" radio button.

- Enter original activation code (this is to prevent accidental or unauthorized license removal).

- Press "Continue" button. Warning message about license removal will be displayed.

- Click on "OK" button to approve license removal process.

- Removal code dialog box will pop-up at this point so that end user can save it for later use.

pc guard: license removal diagram
End user can now send removal code back to you (with or without new Site/MID codes for new computer) so you can compare it with the removal code generated during generation of activation code for his computer. If removal codes match, you may consider license as removed.


- License removal process will not delete or uninstall protected application from computer. It will just reset existing license. Protected application will generate different Site/MID codes and ask for new (different) activation code after license removal process is done.

- Enable "Re-enable demo mode after license removal" option if you want to restore demo mode for protected application after license removal.

- Enable "Disable license removal for limited license" to disable license removal feature for application with limited license feature enabled.

- Removal code validation process can be automated in Activation center (ACEN).