Activation center (ACEN) has two main licensing models for programs protected with REMOTE protection: Standard and Web licensing.

In standard licensing model each license is identified by Customer, Order and Program and requires valid client account and order data in activation center.

In web licensing model each license is identified by Program and Serial Number pair only. No Client or Order entry is required.

Web licensing model is intended for programs protected with combination of REMOTE protection and serial numbers features only.

Available protection scenarios

The following protection scenarios are supported with web licensing:



Demo mode can be combined with both protection scenarios.


1. Licensed copy of any PC Guard family product. (version 06.00.0300 and above)

2. Licensed copy of Activation center (ACEN) (version 04.02.00 and above)

Protected application requires the following additional modules:

1. Web service interface modules

PC Guard for Win32/.NET: iAWS.DLL and iAWSw.DLL  (32bit versions)

PC Guard for Win64/.NET64: iAWS.DLL and iAWSw64.DLL (64bit versions)

These files are included in full featured version of PC Guard and are located in \weblic subdirectory.

2. Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable files (msvcp100.dll and msvcr100.dll)

Appropriate versions of these files for your version of PC Guard are located in \weblic subdirectory.

Optional: Installation setup for these redistributable files can also be downloaded from Microsoft website:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) (required for PC Guard for Win32/.NET)

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) (required for PC Guard for Win64/.NET64)


If "Auto copy required modules" option is enabled in System settings PC Guard will automatically copy required modules including MS VC++ redistributable files to target directory during protection process.

Implementation of ACEN web licensing model

All license handling in case of web licensing is done via ACEN web service. 

This is why live Internet connection is mandatory for license handling (activation, reactivation and license removal).

ACEN web licensing model can be implemented in two ways:

1. By handling all licensing tasks from your code.

This requires additional programming on your side but allows maximum flexibility. ACEN includes required web service documentation and sample desktop application which implements ACEN web service handling to get you started.

2. By letting PC Guard's protection code handle all web licensing tasks in three easy steps:

STEP 1: Set required program data in Activation center (ACEN).

STEP 2: Set required ACEN server and ACEN web licensings project settings in PC Guard.

STEP 3: Protect application.