This is where clients can review orders and manage their licenses. 

Activation center: Client interface: Orders page

Orders table

All active orders with 'Visible in client interface' option enabled are listed in this table. If order is disabled or 'Visible in client interface' option is not enabled order will not be visible for client. Information about Order ID, Program name, Order date, Number of licenses (total/activated) and serial number (if any) is available for each order.

Client can see all active licenses for appropriate order by clicking on button.

This button will be disabled if Program does not require activation. In above example 'Program 3' does not require activation.

Licenses table

All active licenses for selected order are displayed here.

Site code, Machine ID, Activation code, Note, Date of activation (Activated) and Expiration date (Expires) information is displayed for each license.

Activation code for each license can be viewed by opening activation email panel (button)

 New license

This button is used for adding new licenses and is available only in case there are unused licenses left. Site/MID codes are required for activation. Client should set Site and Machine ID codes  and click on this button to add new license.

NOTE: Small note (up to 30 characters) can be added when updating existing or adding new license. This note will be displayed in licenses table right after activation code. Client can use this information to identify each license (by setting license owner name or computer name for example).
Activation center: Client interface: New license

 License reactivation

Computer could crash, client could format drive or install new operating system without removing license first. If this happens, client can use this option to reactivate lost license on original computer without valid removal code. Site code and Machine ID codes from original computer are mandatory. Note is optional.

Activation center: Client interface: License reactivation

ACEN will compare old and new locking parameters and based on appropriate flexible locking and activation options determine if license can be reactivated.

NOTE: License reactivation can be disabled or limited for clients in activation options.
In case too many locking parameters are different client should contact you directly and ask for activation code. You will be able to manually check and compare locking parameters in activation panel.

 License transfer

Site code, Machine ID and valid Removal code for original license are mandatory. Note is optional. License transfer may

NOTE: License transfer can be disabled or limited for clients in activation options.
Activation center: Client interface: License transfer

 License removal

License can be removed with valid removal code for original license. Once valid removal code is provided, new license will be granted for appropriate order.

NOTE: License removal can be disabled or limited for clients in activation options.
NOTE: This button is not available for programs with limited license enabled.
Activation center: Client interface: License removal

Email activation code

This button will open activation email panel.

NOTE: By default, user can not edit email message before sending. This behavior can be changed by enabling 'Client can edit email message (orders page)' option in client interface settings.
Activation center: Client interface: Activation email panel

Clients can add new orders with valid serial numbers

+ New order button will be available on orders page if there is at least one program with enabled serial numbers feature and 'Clients can create accounts and add new orders with valid serials' option set (see Program settings)

Activation center: Client interface: New order

Client should select Program, enter valid Serial number and verification number and click on Add button to add new order to his account.

If provided serial number is valid, new order will be added to client account with default program data and provided serial number. Client will be notified with appropriate message box.

NOTE: In case invalid serial number is entered application will pause for 5 seconds. After each invalid serial number delay (pause) time will be increased for additional 5 seconds.
NOTE: If provided serial number for this program is already in use by another client appropriate warning message will be displayed.
NOTE: Blacklisted serial number will be reported as invalid.