programs administration

This page is used for managing programs. You can review current programs and add new programs to database from here.

Click on 'Add new' button to add new program.

Click on 'Show all' to populate programs table with all programs.

Click on search button to search for programs.

Click on delete button to delete program from database (you will be prompted before actually erasing program from database).

Click on details button to edit program details:

program details

Option Description
Program ID

- Unique program id (can be any integer value).

NOTE: This is not the same as PC Guard's program ID value from remote protection settings. PC Guard's program ID value is set in activation settings as explained below

Active - Select if program is active. Inactive products will not be displayed when adding new orders.
Name - Program name.
Unit price - Default program price ('Net sales' value is set to this value for new orders).
Discount - Default discount (currency) for new orders.
Service fee - Default service fee (currency) for new orders.
Total sales - Default total price (currency) for new orders.
Note - Additional note about program.
ACTIVATION - Select if activation is required for this product.
PC Guard version - PC Guard version used for protection (5, 6)
Program ID - Program ID as defined in PC Guard's remote protection settings.
Compatibility mode - Select to enable compatibility mode for site/mid codes for programs protected with old version.
Merged Site/MID codes - Select to enable support for programs protected with "Merge Site/MID codes into single code" option set.
Flexible locking

-If enabled, flexible locking will be enabled for program. (default)

-If disabled, flexible locking will not be enabled for program. This means that user will not be able to reactivate licenses for this program and even single change in locking parameters will result in "Too many locking parameters are different" error.

Use default system flexible locking policy

-If enabled, default system flexible locking policy will be used for this program. (default)

-If disabled, custom flexible locking policy will be used for this program. Valid flexible locking policy has to be set for this program in this case.

LIMITED LICENSE - Select to enable limited license
Default expiration period - Default limited license validity period (in days)
Fixed date limitation - Select to enable fixed date limitation for limited license. Both start and end date are required.
Day of the month limitation - Select to enable day of the month limitation and select day of month.
Web licensing - Select to enable web licensing support for this program and set number of granted web licenses per serial number.
SERIAL NUMBERS - Select to enable serial numbers feature.
Application signature - Application signature value (as set in PC Guard's application info project settings).
Algorithm version - SN algorithm version. (currently not used)
Seed value - SN seed value. (16 characters long hexadecimal number as set in PC Guard's serial number project settings)
Valid serial numbers - Set first and last valid serial number ID. By default all serial number ID's are valid (1-65535)
Clients can create accounts and add new orders with valid serials - Select to allow clients to create their accounts and add new orders for this program with valid serial numbers.
Blacklist button - Click to edit serial numbers blacklist for this program.
COUNTERS panel - Click to edit default custom counters for this program
FEATURES panel - Click to edit default custom features for this program