Flexible locking policy is used for license reactivation. If client is not able to provide valid removal code for original license but is able to obtain new site/mid codes from original computer he can try license reactivation. ACEN will use flexible locking policy to determine if client can reactivate license without contacting you and asking for replacement activation code.

Flexible locking policy can be defined on system and Program level.  

Default system flexible locking policy is defined in ACEN options. These settings are stored in acen.config configuration file.

flexible locking options

(sw) - software locking parameter

(hw) - hardware locking parameter

max hw changes - maximum number of allowed hardware changes.

Selected lock is considered as changeable. 

By default, max (hw) is set to 1 (only single change in hardware parameters is allowed). 

All software locking parameters are selected by default. Client can format drive, reinstall OS, or replace HD and still be able to reactivate license.

Click on 'Save' button to save options.

Custom flexible locking policy can be defined for each program in Program settings. If required, flexible locking can also be turned off in Program settings.

If flexible locking is enabled, ACEN will count changed hardware parameters (based on information extracted from new site/mid codes) and if this number is greater then maximum number of allowed hardware changes it will refuse to reactivate license and display "Too many locking parameters are different" error message.

In case too many locking parameters are different client will be instructed to contact you. If you decide to grant free license to such client you will be able to do so in activation panel.