security options

Enable brute force protection

If enabled, brute force protection will be enabled for ACEN. (Default: ON)

Brute force protection is currently implemented for the following segments of ACEN web site:

- standard login page authentication (login errors are tracked)

new client account page (invalid serial number errors are tracked)

web service authentication (credentials failures are tracked)

- all web licensing methods which do not require any authentication (method errors are tracked).

Activation center will monitor all failures within defined period (in minutes).

This means that remote host can generate maximum number of failures (M) within defined period (T). Once the number of failures is over the maximum number of failures (M) for specific remote host ip address web service will return STATUS_HOST_TEMPORARILY_BANNED error until defined period (T) since last recorded failure is reached (by default, 15 minutes since the last recorded failure).

Permanent bans

Use these settings to permanently ban specific remote hosts from accessing ACEN by adding their IP address to permanently banned hosts list.

Banned host will not be able to use login page, new client account page and all web service methods.

Following options are currently available:

- Ban single IP address (click on + button to add IP address to the list)

- Unban single IP address (click on - button to remove IP address from the list or blue trash can icon to delete IP address directly)

- Check if IP address is on the list (search for specific IP address)

- Delete complete list of banned hosts with single button (red trash can button).