login page

Login page is the starting point for both database users (administrators) and clients. All unauthorized users are always redirected to default login page.

Default login page is login.aspx

After successful login, system will grant appropriate roles for database users ("Admin") and clients ("Client") and redirect them to start pages.

Administrators dashboard (admin.aspx) is the starting point for administrators and orders (corders.aspx) page is the start page for clients. Start page for clients can be changed in options.

Default administrator account is 'ADMIN' with password '123456'. 

This account can not be deleted nor you can change default UserID. However, you should change default password for this account as soon as you login.


'Login' button

Click on this button to login to activation center.

'Remember me' checkbox

If selected, persistent cookie will be created. This option may be required for successful login on some browsers.

'Forgot password?' link 

Click to proceed to forgotten password page. Clients can use forgotpass.aspx page in case they forget login password. In this case valid username and email address (primary or secondary) will be required.

forgot password page

'Click here to create new account.' link

This link will be available in case there is at least one program with enabled serial numbers and 'Clients can create accounts with valid serial numbers' option enabled. After clicking on this link cnewaccount.aspx page will be opened. This is where new clients can create their accounts with valid serial numbers.