These options relate to client interface (standard web licensing).

Activation center: Client interface options (General)

Client can change account information

If enabled, client will be able to update his account information. (Default: ON)

Client can change account password

If enabled, client will be able to change his password. (Default: ON)

Client can edit email message (orders page)

If enabled, client will be able to edit email with activation information. (Default: OFF)

Auto send activation email

If enabled, ACEN will automatically send email with activation information to all email addresses registered with client’s account each time new license is added by client. (Default: OFF)

Enable help page

If enabled, help page will be available in client interface. (Default: ON)

Enable help contact form

If enabled, contact form will be enabled on help page. (Default: ON)

Enable language selector.

If enabled, language selector will be available at login page and in client account settings. (Default: OFF)

Culture information is set in web.config file (default culture and UI culture is set to "en-GB"). If translation for this culture is available, language selector will be automatically set to that language. If not, default selector value will be set to "English" language. Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak and Swedish translations are currently available.

Password reset page url

Full path to password reset page. (Default:

Token validity (reset)

Default password reset token validity period  in hours (default: 1 hour). This value is used for forgotten password email.

Token validity (new)

This is default token validity period for setting new account password in hours (default: 48 hours). This value is used for activation center information email.

Show latest news on home page

If enabled, latest news control will be displayed for client on his home page. Select total number of news articles to be displayed (default: 15) and number of news articles per page (Default: 3).

Start page

Default start page for clients after login (Home, Account, Orders or Help page). (Default: Home)

Web store (link)

Set link to your web store (used for store Purchase new licenses button on client's home page)

Website (text description)

Text description for web site link.

Website (link)

Actual link to your home site.