Identify and track protected software by marking each copy (cd/dvd...) with unique serial number.

Serial numbers can be useful in case you are not directly selling you software  (software media is sold via re-sellers or software stores).

Serial numbers feature is available for REMOTE, PLAIN and USB protection methods. It's not available for NETWORK protection method.

If required, only limited number of serial numbers can be marked as valid for protected software.

Custom features can be embedded into serial numbers.

Default serial numbers notification messages can be changed in language editor.

REMOTE protection

- Both serial number and activation code are required for successful activation.

- This means that end user has to enter both valid serial number and activation code in order to activate application.

- Serial number validity is checked first. If serial number is valid application will proceed with checking provided activation code.

- Features embedded into activation code will always overwrite features embedded into serial number.

PLAIN/USB protection

- If serial number is valid it is stored on computer and end user is no longer prompted to enter it.

- Serial number can not be changed once it is set by end user.

- Serial number value and status of custom features embedded into it can be obtained via protection interface.

- Once valid serial number is provided, application will no longer display activation dialog on startup.