serial numbers blacklist

Blacklist is the list of disabled serial numbers.

Select "Blacklist enabled" option to enable this feature.

Use '+' button to add serial number to blacklist.

Use '-' button to remove selected serial number from the blacklist. Multiple serial numbers can be selected at the same time.

Click on 'Clear all' button to delete all entries from blacklist.


- Information about blacklisted serials is stored into protected application. 

- Protected application will not accept blacklisted serials and will display 'Invalid serial number' error message.

- Protected application update will invalidate existing serial numbers if they are blacklisted. 'Invalid serial number' error will be displayed and application will close. In case of remote protection method existing license based on blacklisted serial will be invalidated. New activation code and new serial number will be required afterwards.

- Up to 50 different serial numbers can be added to blacklist.

- 'Blacklist enabled' option is available only in case serial numbers feature is enabled.

- Protection report will include information about all blacklisted serial numbers.