Restrict access to protected application to computers with specific IP addresses or specific sub-domains.

Up to 65535 different IP filters can be set (unique IP addresses or sub-domains). IP filtering can be combined with any protection method.

ip filtering settings


Add IP address from IP edit field into IP list box.

Delete selected IP filter (inside list box)

Clear All
Delete all IP filters from list box

Double-clicking on IP address in list box will update IP edit field with selected IP address. 

Single IP filter can be unique IP address (in a form where xxx can be any number between 0-254) or sub-domain.

Sub-domain is defined by using value 255 for desired IP segment. For example, IP filter means that any computer with IP address inside range - can access protected application.

In case of Remote protection method IP filtering checks are done before license checks.

If "Network interface is required" option is set end user will not be able to access protected application from computer without network interface.

IP filtering error messages can be edited in language editor.