encryption settings

Application is encrypted during protection. It is also distributed in encrypted state so there is no easy way for malicious patching of protected application. Decryption process is done by protection code once the program is loaded into memory.

Encryption can be enabled/disabled for the following sections of application:

1. Code section

2. Data sections

3. Relocations

4. Resources

5. Import directory

6. Internal overlay

Icons and version info resources are not encrypted.
TIP: Some programs will not work properly after protection in case all encryption options are set ("File damaged!" error message is usually displayed). This is the case with some Borland C++/Delphi compiled programs. Turning off data, code or/and resource section encryption could help in such cases.
NOTE: Even if all encryption options are turned off some important parts of application are still encrypted.
Internal overlay encryption will be enabled only if Advanced overlay management (AOM) feature is enabled.