Securely lock your application to remote computers.

When run on remote computer, protected application will show activation dialog box with unique Site/MID codes for that remote computer.

Protected application will generate different Site/MID code on each computer. 

In order to activate protected application end user requires valid Activation code.

Activation code is based on Site/MID codes from remote computer and project settings.

If moved to another computer, protected application will generate different Site/MID codes and ask for new activation code.

Program protected with remote protection method can be securely activated by phone, fax or e-mail and by default does not require Internet connection.

Client can be allowed to securely remove or transfer previously activated license to another computer.

If required, issued licenses can be limited by using limited license feature.

Finally, license can be dynamically extended (custom features, custom counters, license limitations) on remote computer by issuing new activation code.