Use custom counters feature to securely manage up to 10 32bit unsigned integer values directly from your application.

Custom counters are available for application protected with any of available protection methods.

Custom counters on each remote machine are shared by all applications protected with same Application signature and Program ID.

Initial (default) values of custom counters from project settings are always embedded into protected application during protection process.

If "Reset previous counters" option is enabled for new update, such update will replace existing custom counters on remote machine with latest default values (see below).

Any counter value can be read or updated at any time from protected application by using protection interfaceGetInterfaceData() function is used for reading and UpdateCustomCounters() function is used for updating custom counters.

Custom counters for applications protected with REMOTE protection method can be also changed via license extension (extended activation code) or activation file.

Custom counters can also be used for extension of custom features as each counter can hold up to 32 additional custom features (see notes below).

custom counters settings

Custom counters

Select to enable custom counters.

Reset previous counters

If enabled, protection code will replace existing custom counters on remote machine with (default) values which were stored to protected application during protection process. (Default status: OFF)

NOTE: Be sure to increase Update ID when enabling this option. All updates are identified by Update ID value. Counters will be reset only if Update ID is higher than existing Update ID on remote machine.

Preserve counters after license expires

Protection code will not reset custom counters to default values when license expires. Option is available only if limited license featured is enabled. (Default status: OFF)

Preserve counters after license removal

Protection code will preserve custom counters after license removal. (Default status: OFF)

Preserve counters after license transfer

Protection code will preserve custom counters after license transfer. (Default status: OFF)

Preserve counters after serial invalidation

Protection code will preserve custom counters after serial number is invalidated. (Default status: OFF)

Using custom counters as custom features

Each custom counter can be edited as a set of 32 features. Click on "..." button along counter to edit it as set of features.

custom counters as features

Since custom counter is 32bit value it is possible to pass up to 320 (32 * 10 custom counters) additional features via extended activation code.

Each bit in custom counter value represents feature status as follows:

Bit 0 = Feature 1 ( if bit 0 is set then feature 1 is enabled)
Bit 1 = Feature 2 ( if bit 1 is set then feature 2 is enabled)
Bit 31 = Feature 32 

Short feature description can be set for each of these 320 features. Descriptions are saved together with default custom counters in project file.

Please see protection interface help for detailed information about custom counters.