user information settings

User information is intended for storing useful client (end user) information into protected application.

The following user information is currently available:

Full name of your client (max length: 50 characters)

Address information (max. length: 100 characters)

Company information (max. length 100 characters)

Custom user information (max. length: 50 characters per entry). Click on "..." button above to edit custom title for this user information.

Reset previous user information

If selected, protection code will replace existing user information with new values if previous (older and activated) update of application is detected on remote computer. Use this option to update user information on remote computers by sending new update. (Default status: OFF)

Be sure to increase Update ID when enabling this option.


User information from project settings will be embedded into protected application during protection process and can be accessed at any time via protection interface.

User information on remote machine can be updated in the folllowing ways:

1. By distributing new updated with "Reset previous user information" option enabled and increased Updated ID.

2. By extending existing license with activation file with new user information.

3. By calling UpdateUserInfo protection interface function.