Lock application to external USB device (Storage/Network)

USB protection allows locking of protected application to external USB device. Application protected with USB protection method will work on any computer as long as required USB device is connected to it.

All features available for PLAIN protection (like demo mode or serial numbers) are also available for USB protection.

There are two types of USB devices that can be used in USB protection method: USB storage devices and USB network adapters.

Device typeLocking IDExample device
USB storage deviceSerial numberUSB hd drive, USB flash drive, USB card reader, USB hub device...
USB network adapterMAC addressAny usb network interface adapter with valid MAC address

Default USB device type is USB storage device.

Locking ID is used for encryption of protected applications. In case of USB storage device like flash drive this is serial number of device and in case of USB network adapters this is MAC (media access control) address of adapter. Both ID's are set by manufacturers of USB devices.

There are USB flash drives that do not have valid serial number or their serial number is invalid or it may change after ejecting and reinserting of drive. If USB flash drive mounts as a UDISK on your computer, it means it’s a bad USB drive with firmware that doesn’t match the memory type and controller combination. The drive is saying it’s using flash memory, when in reality it’s just a small hard drive. Without the correct firmware in the controller, the USB stick is unstable and the operating system tips users about the problem by calling it a UDISK. These are usually no-name, cheap USB flash drives which should not be used for USB protection method.

No decryption/encryption keys are stored into application during protection process.

Decryption keys are obtained from required USB device each time application is run. If USB device is not connected to computer, protection code will not be able to obtain decryption keys in order to decrypt protected application.

Protected application will display USB_Drive_Missing message ("Please connect required USB drive to this computer!") in case USB device is not connected to computer. If required, this default message can be changed in language editor.

Once protected, application is distributed together with appropriate USB device to end user. End user can use protected application on any computer as long as USB device is attached to it.

Information about USB device will be saved to project settings. Same project can be used for protection of application updates after USB device is delivered to end user. Please note that PC Guard will show a warning message about missing USB device during protection process in this case.

Protection report will also include information about USB device used for protection for later reference.