serial numbers settings

Enable serial numbers

Set this option to enable serial numbers feature. Option is available for REMOTE, PLAIN and USB protection methods and is disabled for NETWORK protection method.

Serials to generate

First and last serial number (ID) to be generated. You can enter any interval from 1 (min) to 65535 (max) here. 

Seed value

64bit hexadecimal number used for generation of serial numbers. Click on '...' button to generate random value.

Embed features option

Select this option to enable embedding of features into serial numbers.

- Click on 'Edit' button to open features dialog.

- Select appropriate features.

- Keep features window open and click on 'Generate' button to generate serial numbers with embedded features.

This option is useful in case serial numbers are used with PLAIN protection method.

In case of REMOTE protection method features embedded into activation code will overwrite features embedded into serial number.

Generate serial number ID option

If selected, serial number ID will be included in output file together with actual serial number.  

Serial number ID and serial number are separated with TAB character.

Mark blacklisted serials option

If enabled, generated output file with serial numbers will include information about blacklisted serials.

Output filename

Full path to filename for generated serial numbers. Generated serial numbers are saved to this file. 

Click on '...' to browse and set output filename.

Click on '>' button to open created output file in notepad.