Function will retrieve information about current license.


Protection method: All
Application status: All
Required features: None


Visual C/C++
extern "C" __declspec(dllimport) int __stdcall GetInterfaceData(PPCG_INTERFACE pcgi);
Visual Basic
Declare Function GetInterfaceData Lib "pcgint.dll" Alias "_GetInterfaceData@4" (ByRef pcgi As PCG_INTERFACE_STRUCT) As Long
function GetInterfaceData(var pcgi: PCGI_STRUCT): longint; stdcall; external 'pcgint.dll' name '_GetInterfaceData@4';
Delphi 64bit
function GetInterfaceData(var pcgi: PCGI_STRUCT): Int64; stdcall; external 'pcgint64.dll';


PPCG_INTERFACE - Pointer to buffer for interface structure

Return values

If the function succeeds, interface structure is filled and return value is PCGI_STATUS_OK.

If the function fails, return value is on of the following error codes:



Full list of return codes is available here.


Protected application should set PCGI_Size structure member before calling this function. Protection code is using this data for checking validity of interface structure.
In case of DEMO mode, be sure to call CheckDemoLimitations() before calling this function in order to get the most current values for PCGI_DemoDaysLeft and PCGI_DemoUsesLeft.
If using limited license feature, call CheckLimitedLicense() before calling this functions in order to get the most current values for PCGI_LimitedLicenseDaysLeft and PCGI_LimitedLicenseUsesLeft.