Full list of advanced protection interface return codes:

Return code Description
PCGI_ERROR_WRONG_STRUCTURE_SIZE Wrong protection interface structure is passed to function. Check structure size member.
PCGI_ERROR_INVALID_ACTIVATION_CODE Activation code is invalid.
PCGI_ERROR_ALREADY_UNLOCKED Application is already unlocked.
PCGI_SUCCESS_APPLICATION_UNLOCKED Application is successfully activated with passed activation code.
PCGI_SUCCESS_DEMO_EXTENDED Evaluation period is successfully extended with passed activation code.
PCGI_ERROR_DEMO_CANT_BE_EXTENDED Evaluation period can't be extended. Demo can be extend only if date or exec limitations is enabled.
PCGI_ERROR_LICENSE_CANT_BE_REMOVED License can not be removed. This function is available for remote protection method only.
PCGI_ERROR_APPLICATION_IS_LOCKED Application is still in locked state.
PCGI_ERROR_TRANSFER_IMPOSSIBLE License transfer feature is disabled or application is not protected with remote protection.
PCGI_ERROR_LICENSE_EXTENSION_ERROR Application is not protected with remote protection.
PCGI_ERROR_LIMITED_LICENSE_DISABLED Limited license is disabled. Application was activated with activation code with Disable limited license special flag enabled.
PCGI_ERROR_LICENSE_EXTENSION_DISABLED License extension feature is disabled.
PCGI_ERROR_INVALID_EXTENSION_PERIOD Extension period is not valid. Possible values are for extension period are 0-9999.
PCGI_ERROR_EVALUATION_PERIOD_EXPIRED Evaluation period has expired for protected application.
PCGI_ERROR_LICENSE_EXPIRED Limited license has expired.
PCGI_ERROR_DEMO_MODE_DISABLED Demo mode is not enabled for protected application.
PCGI_ERROR_INVALID_VALIDITY_PERIOD Invalid license validity period.
PCGI_ERROR_SERIAL_NUMBERS_DISABLED Serial numbers feature is disabled.
PCGI_ERROR_INVALID_SERIAL_NUMBER Serial number is invalid.
PCGI_ERROR_SERIAL_NUMBER_NOT_SET Serial numbers: serial number is not set.
PCGI_ERROR_ACTIVATION_FILE_DISABLED Activation file feature is disabled.
PCGI_ERROR_ACTIVATION_FILE_ERROR Unable to find, load or process activation file.
PCGI_ERROR_WRONG_PROTECTION_METHOD Function is not available for this applications since it's protected with different protection method.
PCGI_ERROR_USB_DRIVE_MISSING USB protection: USB drive is not attached to computer.
PCGI_VIRTUAL_MACHINE_DETECTED Virtual machine detected.
PCGI_WINDOWS_SYSTEM_ERROR Windows system error. Use Windows API GetLastError() function to obtain the actual error code.
PCGI_ERROR_WEBLIC_DISABLED ACEN web licensing is not enabled for application.
PCGI_ERROR_WEBLIC_FAILURE ACEN web licensing: failure to connect to ACEN.
PCGI_ERROR_WEBLIC_LICENSE_ERROR ACEN web licensing: license error, use GetInterfaceData to get (PCGI_ACEN_Status) actual error code.
PCGI_WEBLIC_LICENSE_UPDATED ACEN web licensing: local license updated with changed ACEN license.
PCGI_WEBLIC_LICENSE_REMOVED ACEN web licensing: license removed in ACEN, local license removed.
PCGI_WEBLIC_LICENSE_REMOVED_BANNED ACEN web licensing: license removed in ACEN, local license removed and computer is banned.