Function will save current state of custom counters.

Next time GetInterfaceData function is called returned protection interface structure will contain updated counters.


Protection method: ALL
Application status: ALL
Required features: Protection interface and custom counters


Visual C/C++
extern "C" __declspec(dllimport) int __stdcall UpdateCustomCounters(PPCG_INTERFACE pcgi);
Visual Basic
Declare Function UpdateCustomCounters Lib "pcgint.dll" Alias "_UpdateCustomCounters@4" (ByRef pcgi As PCG_INTERFACE_STRUCT) As Long
function UpdateCustomCounters(var pcgi: PCGI_STRUCT): longint; stdcall; external 'pcgint.dll' name '_UpdateCustomCounters@4';
Delphi 64bit
function UpdateCustomCounters(var pcgi: PCGI_STRUCT): Int64; stdcall; external 'pcgint64.dll';


PPCG_INTERFACE - Pointer to buffer for interface structure

Return values

If the function succeeds, PCGI_STATUS_OK is returned.

If the function fails, function will return PCGI_ERROR_WRONG_STRUCTURE_SIZE or PCGI_CRITICAL_ERROR.

Full list of return codes is available here.


Protected application should set PCGI_Size structure member before calling this function. Protection code is using this data for checking validity of interface structure.