PC Guard Software Protection System

Looking for secure, reliable and compatible software protection solution for your Windows .NET Core applications?

With over 25 years of experience in the field of software protection, licensing and activation we are currently providing the most secure software copy protection and licensing solutions for your valuable software assets.

Protect your .NET Core Windows applications from illegal distribution and tampering with advanced cryptography, anti-cracking, anti-reverse-engineering and software copy protection techniques by using PC Guard software protection system!

PC Guard for .NET (x86/AnyCpu) or/and PC Guard for .NET64 (x64) are the right choice for .NET Core Windows applications.

Supported target .NET Core frameworks:

- .NET Core 2.x
- .NET Core 3.x

Supported output type: 

- Windows application
- Windows console application
- Windows class library

Supported platform target:

- AnyCpu, x86 (PC Guard for .NET)
- x64 (PC Guard for .NET64)

Supported target runtime: 

- win-x86 (PC Guard for .NET)
- win-x64 (PC Guard for .NET64)

Supported deployment mode: Self-contained

Easily implement almost any software protection scenario: demo (number of days, period, number of runs, timer), demo extension, activation, permanent license, limited license (number of days, period, number of runs), license extension, license removal, license transfer, password protection, serial numbers, IP filtering, custom features, custom counters, custom dialogs, USB device (USB Flash / USB HD / USB NIC MAC) locking, network licensing.

By default, no source code changes or programming experience is required to accomplish professional software protection for your .NET Core Windows applications. PC Guard can by used by anyone, from absolute beginners to professional software developers. Protect and test in 1-2-3!

All PC Guard family products are royalty free! With only a single copy of PC Guard  you can protect unlimited number of your C# applications with no additional investments. No additional hardware (dongles) is required for proper execution of protected programs. There are no limitations related to number of different programs nor number of distributed programs. Our software copy protection system is based only on complex software copy protection techniques and hardware details.