Demo version of PC Guard has the following limitations:

- Protection of DLL modules is not supported (Win32/Win64 demo version only).

- License removal, license transfer, limited license and license extension features are not available.

- USB protection method is not available in demo version.

- Protection interface and Run-Time-Encryption (RTE) feature is not available.

- Protected application will randomly display the following warning message and exit application:

"This program is protected with DEMO version of PC Guard Software Copy Protection System. No files protected with DEMO version of PC Guard may be distributed to other users, commercially or non-commercially. This notification message is randomly displayed by programs protected with DEMO version only. Programs protected with full featured version will not display this warning."

- Protected application can be run for 20 times only. The following error message will be displayed once no more runs are left:

"Application protected with DEMO version of PC Guard software copy protection system can be run for 20 times only. Please change Application signature and protect your program again in order to get additional 20 runs."

Just as noted above, please change Application signature value and protect application again in order to get another 20 runs.

- Demo mode is not available when combined with REMOTE protection method. Protection application will ask for activation code on first run.

- Project settings can not be saved and loaded (Win32/Win64 demo only).

- Machine ID feature is disabled. MID code will not be generated at all by protected application.

- "Merge Site/MID codes into single code" option is ignored.

- Project file for AC Generator can not be generated.

- CODE section encryption is always set and can not be disabled.

- Serial numbers feature can tested in case of PLAIN and REMOTE protection.

PLAIN protection:

Serial numbers can be tested only if “Serial number is required for demo mode” option is enabled. Protected application will ask for serial number on first run. Use 0000-0000-00-0000-0000 as valid serial number when prompted for serial number.

REMOTE protection:

If serial numbers feature is enabled, serial number will be required together with valid activation code. Generate valid activation code based on Site code and then use 0000-0000-00-0000-0000 as valid serial number.

Full featured version does not have any of the above limitations and contains additional protection code for better security.
Knowledge base articles related to using demo version can be found here.

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