During protection process, our protection code will be automatically embedded into final, protected application. In this way, all code directly related to protection and licensing will be included in protected application. However, depending on project settings, some additional redistributable files should be packaged and distributed with protected application.

TIP: If "Auto copy required modules" option is enabled in System settings PC Guard will automatically copy required redistributable modules to target directory during protection process.

Interface DLL module

This module contains default user interface resources (dialogs) for protected application. It should be present in same directory as protected application and it does not require server registration.

There are two versions of this module, 32bit  (iDLL) and 64bit (iDLL64) version which are included in appropriate 32bit (PC Guard for Win32 and PC Guard for .NET) and 64bit (PC Guard for Win64 and PC Guard for .NET64) versions of PC Guard family products.

TIP: Default name of interface dll can be changed in custom filenames section of customization settings.
Interface DLL is not always required! Interface dll should be distributed together with protected application in case of remote protection, password protection, demo mode or in case alternate protection interface is enabled.
TIP: Interface DLL does not require server registration.

PC Guard will automatically determine if interface dll is required and this information will also be included in protection report.

IMPORTANT: Always distribute version of interface dll which is included in version of PC Guard that was used for protection. Protected application will display 'Wrong version of interface dll!' error message in case wrong version of interface DLL is detected.
TIP: Use your own interface dialogs instead of default ones (custom dialogs feature) or completely manage user interface by using advanced protection interface functions.

ACEN web licensing modules with C++ redistributable files

Acen web licensing feature requires additional modules (service interface modules and c++ redistributables). 

Be sure to distribute correct versions of web service interface modules with protected application as protection code will display Aws_WrongVersion error message in case it is not able to load required version of these modules.